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Welcome to IPHC!

Idaho Paint Horse Club 

Welcome!  Make sure you fill out your 2017 Idaho Paint Horse Club Membership form.  You can find it here


Check out the Show page for information on upcoming shows


IPHC Board of Directors Election Coming Up

Director Nominations – Due November 1st
It’s that time again, and we are looking for nominations for the Club’s Board of Directors.  Directors serve a two year term and we have directors positions open every year as the two year rotations happen on alternate years.  Directors are responsible for the business of the club.  Kathy Mezin and Aimee Hall are the nominating committee for 2017.
To be eligible the nominee must be a member in good standing for 2016 and 2017.  A resident of Idaho and a resident of the area they represent.   Please send your nominations to them at:
Kathy Mezin –  kathymezin@gmail.com
Aimee Hall – dustn4prnts@yahoo.com
Turn them in no later then November 1st